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Wedding Blues

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Attending my cousin's wedding to her longtime high school sweetheart yesterday and boy, it was it beautiful! Congrats to them and I do wish them the best in their marriage! I know when Glenn and I get married, it will be as special as their wedding day. 

How cute are the decorations? Definitely gives me some great ideas for our future wedding. I especially love the thoughtful/creative handmade owls used for prizes and souvenirs for the guests. The groom's brother made about 200 of them! The hours it must have taken him!

I'm a big hopeless romantic so when Shania Twain's "From This Moment" started playing, the water works nearly started as the couple had their first dance as husband and wife.

To date, nearly all the weddings I have attended, I wore all black. Had to spice it up! So I went hunting for the Calvin Klein red dress seen in the Macy's Presidental Day weekend commericals. Alas, I found it but it wasn't what I expected. Bah humbug. So Glenn found this one. My man sure has good taste! It fit perfectly in all the right places and the ruffles hides the bulging belly from all the food I stuff myself with!

Calvin Kleindress


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