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Rebecca Taylor Fall 2013 collection

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thanks to Time Out New York, I was given a wonderful opportunity to attend my first ever fashion show!!

Here's the back story: Napped for about 3 hours on Friday, woke up feeling drowsy and started checking my emails. Lo and behold, I snap out of my sleepiness when I see the word "winner" in the subject title of my numerous unread emails. My jaw dropped down to the floor when I realized I was a winner of two tickets!

Never had I imagined myself being able to be at one of these events. Only problem? Nemo. The blizzard definitely worried me as it was already coming down pretty hard at around 11pm. I knew it was going to be one messy commute to Manhattan but nevertheless, I was attending. No matter what. When will I ever have another chance to go to a fashion show???

My wonderful boyfriend came along adding this to our list of firsts together. I don't really have any good pictures but here are a few I captured. Most of my pictures consist the backs of the models -___- Oh wells.

Which designer(s)' collections are your favorites from this year's NY fashion week?

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