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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stumbled upon this free tour for an exhibition called How Much Do I Owe You in Long Island City. Curated by a nonprofit organization called No Longer Empty; their mission is to go in search for spaces that are no longer being used and revitalize them through art! Who says art can't move the public? Apparently, this organization has produced so many exhibitions in the past. If I had only knew then! I would have gone to them! With every place they choose, they use the setting as the theme. For How Much, the exhibition took place in the bank of the long abandoned clock tower. Bank = money, power, savings, trust, debt through the eyes and ears of artists from around the world.

Our tour guide, Lucy, told us a story about the mural behind her. It's a house made of losing lotto tickets. These tickets show the lost dreams of one man, who kept all his losing tickets in boxes. The intricacy of this artwork is amazing and painstaking for the artist to do, I'm sure! 
Learning the history of the bank was way more interesting to hear from Lucy, our guide, then from my HS teachers. Apparently, in the 1980s or so, Chase bought out the bank and they plastered the place with boringness (as I would call it lol) but No Longer Empty tore it out and exposed the original detailing of the building. But the best part of the tour? Was seeing the bank vault! Never have I ever been close to one let alone an abandoned one that was still in pristine shape! 

The piggy bank: a symbol of savings. Most of us growing up had one. We all dream of a better life so we save money and/or play the lotto. 

This room in the basement housed some old bank deposit boxes which was cool but what I liked about this room was the eerie nature of it symbolizing that even in the darkest corner of a place, things (ie plants) can still flourish. The oxygen masks used as lights even made the effect more creepy...

They also had participatory things for attendees to do so my boyfriend and I created our own 100 dollar bill. His was way better than mine so here is his masterpiece. This is what I imagine Benjamin Franklin would be as a dog. lol

I was feeling girly, bold and dark at the same time so this is what I ended up wearing to the tour. Love the black and white combination. It will never go out of style in my book. Too bad it was still pretty cold or I woulda whipped out my new Zara pumps. Alas, what can a girl do but wear her trusty booties!

 Lulu's lace top | Candie's floral pants | Forever 21 jacket/booties | Gifted beanie/circle scarf

Last day to see this exhibition before they close it down is Sunday, March 17th!! Please go if you get the chance!  It's free for the public! :)


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