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Sunday, February 9, 2014

It is through shopping! Luckily, my boyfriend, Glenn, loves shopping as well so we are always wandering around at the mall or in a shopping area like SoHo. We're a match made in heaven lol.

Kate Spade Wallet, pastel blues, spring; perfume, fashion blogger, Topshop
Kate Spade Cherry Lane Lacey in Cyblue (here) | Marc Jacobs Honey (here) | TopShop shorts 

I'm not sure of how many other girls use wallets for men but I'm one of them. They are just way smaller and less bulkier than a woman's wallet, at least in my opinion. But in my case, it is quite embarrassing. Why? Well...my man wallet is actually fatter than a man's wallet. Made a comparison with my boyfriend's wallet and boy, do I need to upgrade. I have a habit of saving receipts and leaving all these never used reward cards in my wallet so it won't even close now!! So finally decided on getting a Kate Spade one since they have been coming out with such cute stuff lately and I laid my eyes on the Cherry Lane Lacy wallet in Cyblue. It is the perfect Spring hue! Matches with the Topshop shorts that I also got on the same day on sale. Now, we just need a matching top for a monochromatic look! 

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