Sunday, February 9, 2014

Best Way to Make A Girl Happy

It is through shopping! Luckily, my boyfriend, Glenn, loves shopping as well so we are always wandering around at the mall or in a shopping area like SoHo. We're a match made in heaven lol.

Kate Spade Wallet, pastel blues, spring; perfume, fashion blogger, Topshop
Kate Spade Cherry Lane Lacey in Cyblue (here) | Marc Jacobs Honey (here) | TopShop shorts 

I'm not sure of how many other girls use wallets for men but I'm one of them. They are just way smaller and less bulkier than a woman's wallet, at least in my opinion. But in my case, it is quite embarrassing. Why? man wallet is actually fatter than a man's wallet. Made a comparison with my boyfriend's wallet and boy, do I need to upgrade. I have a habit of saving receipts and leaving all these never used reward cards in my wallet so it won't even close now!! So finally decided on getting a Kate Spade one since they have been coming out with such cute stuff lately and I laid my eyes on the Cherry Lane Lacy wallet in Cyblue. It is the perfect Spring hue! Matches with the Topshop shorts that I also got on the same day on sale. Now, we just need a matching top for a monochromatic look! 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Floral, Plain and Plaid

Probably not the wisest choice wearing all black on a hot summer day in NYC but I do as I please in my outfit choices. Mixing prints of floral and plaid were my choices of that day. That floral hat was a recent purchase that I am wearing to death to prove a point as my boyfriend and lil sis believes that it will end up on the head of my big stuffed dog. The floral pattern is eye catching. Girls AND guys can rock the hat!

necessary clothing crop top forever 21 booties urban outfitters floral hat profound aethetics portland 5-panel hat flannel plaid asian blogger marc by marc jacobs classic q natasha handbag h&m high waisted shorts
 Necessary Clothing crop top | H&M shorts | Forever 21 flannel and booties | Urban Outfitters hat

Monday, June 24, 2013

Floral Time with Piperlime

Now that the sun sets later in the day, I am more prone to going places after work. More sun = more fun! Saw that Piperlime and Song of Style's Aimee Song were collaborating again for a in-store event in Soho, so why not check it out. Who isn't a fan of this wonderful humble blogger??!

song of style aimee song favorite blogger

There she is... in the flesh. Is she not GORGEOUS?!!!?!?! Too shy to speak to her, so a snapped picture of her is good enough for me. lol One day, I shall be brave!

Everything in the Piperlime store is so photogenic and boy, did I want to take a lot of it home with me. Some ideas for my future house...

Being at a clothing store, I was drawn to so many pieces. Still on the hunt for a beautiful statement necklace but haven't found the perfect one yet. Loving the awesome chevron clutch in black and white, which NEEDS to be in my collection. Such a simple, yet classic accessory. Might get the cheaper version at Forever 21 but I need to cut back on the spending.  Ah, shopaholic problems. Pastel crop tops are something I will be totally rocking this summer! Red and black is a combo that will never go out of style in my book. It may be too dark for the hotter days though.

piperlime bib statement necklace

chevron clutch bag

My favorite clothing combination is wearing this super cheap bright yellow sweater that I got on sale for $10 about 6 years ago with this chiffon floral top. It just goes so well together. Do you have a favorite combination that you wear?

forever 21 floral watercolor chiffon blouse top wet seal yellow crop cardigan sweater zara trousers pants

forever 21 floral watercolor chiffon blouse top wet seal yellow crop cardigan sweater
Wet Seal sweater | Forever 21 top | Zara trousers | Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Friday Fixings: Whites

Don't think I have ever worn an all white outfit but there is always a first. It is definitely one of the biggest trends in fashion. Maybe one day... Although I do tend to steer clear of white, I think the two main pieces below are extremely versatile staples. The blazer can be paired up with heels and some sequin shorts for a night out with the girls. Another option is to pair it with some trousers and flats for a business meeting. Or if you want a refined yet casual look, go for the blazer with some trusty Chucks. Definitely could do alot with that outwear piece! I especially love the cut of this one!

I'm a sucker for blouses with movement. Flowy and feels nice on the skin! A blouse is such an essential in any girl's closet. Pair it with a leather skirt and boots for a rocker chic look. Even the blouse with boyfriend jeans for a casual day out running errands would be cute too.

White Wear

What are the key staples in your wardrobe?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Inglot's Virtual Makeover App Launch Event

Saw through Twitter that Inglot was having an event right where I previously worked by so I RSVP'd right away. Before arriving, I decided to take search up the app on my IPhone. It's a cool concept to be virtually made over and the makeup application works pretty well with this app. Take a pic of yourself then you get to pick the types of foundation, the eyeshadows, the whole sha-bang, adjust according to your facial structure, then voilà! The only negative with the app that should be mentioned is the glitches. It freezes from time to time so you'd have to close out the app then reopen it again. And for all you Droid users, it is not available yet unfortunately. Hopefully soon!

Take a look at my lips! So vampy! Does it suit me?? LOL, I was hasty while doing this but take your time!

Since I was coming directly from work, I decided to wear this simple outfit with flats and switched into heels for the event. Very work appropriate, don't you think? :)

inglot zara shoes dress trapeze bag
Zara dress and heels

The rest of the night consisted of munching on macarons, sipping champagne and completing social networking tasks to win an IPHONE 5! We also actually got to walk away with a 4-pan palette with 3 bright lipsticks and 1 eyeshadow and an adorable lipstick pen. How sweet is that?

Clockwise from top left: Lipstick #98, Lipstick #93, Lipstick 97, and Eye Shadow 607

There is another event on June 29th if anyone is in the NYC area! It's held at their Chelsea location, on the 5th floor of Chelsea Market (75 95th Ave). Just RSVP to See you there! 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Fixings: Black

Fridays will be the day where a post will be made on my current wants or obsessions that I am fixated on. So for this first post, it will be all about my favorite color to wear: black.

Pre-Fixed Fridays: Black

Monday, May 27, 2013

Work Appropriate

Working a full time job often means dragging yourself out of bed and throwing on whatever works. At least, that is what I assume. But you know what they say about assuming. Anyway, my college roommate and I were going to an event after work so I decided to wear this outfit and switch out my flats for these Zara heels. Best investment ever! They are on point with their shoes there! Anyone addicted to their shoes?

Necessary Clothing top | Zara pants and shoes | Marc by Marc Jacobs bag