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Oahu's Photo Finish

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The reason I wanted to go to Hawaii was because of Oahu Photography Tour. I knew this would be different from your generic guided tours offered and being that this is about photography, that's a plus!

Our first stop was the Makapu’u lookout to see the amazing sun rise over Oahu around 6am. My gosh was it beautiful! Being up so early was definitely worth seeing this with the love of my life. Never realized how fast the sun rises either! Such a natural beauty.

Next few stops were beautiful landscapes of Oahu. Truly a wonder to see all these places that I would never be able to see back in NYC. Kuloa Regional Park was the backdrop of my outfit of the day. You must think I'm crazy to wear all black but it was not as sunny as we had hoped here in the Hawaiian Islands. There was supposedly a storm that week we stayed but it is was what it was. We still enjoyed our break away from work! :)

Ray Ban Wayfarers | Necessary Clothing crop top | Forever 21 shorts 
American Eagle denim button up | Keds | Yesstyle bag

I found Crush!!! The Laniakea Beach was where we saw 2 giant sea turtles resting. We were told they are endangered too so being able to see them in them lazing around on the beach like this was incredible. 

Lei Down the Law.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Flew a 10 hour non-stop flight with my boyfriend to Honoulu, Hawaii for 6 nights and it was a great trip albeit the fickle weather we experienced there. Upon arrival, we hailed for a cab and we got a limo cab!!! How awesome is that? Definitely a great way to start our vacation! Once we got to our hotel, we basically flopped down on our bed and rested for awhile. Being cramped in such a small space surprisingly wears a person down.

The next day, we may our way to the Royal Hawaiian Center. I did some research prior to our vacation and found that they offer free lei making classes! It is definitely harder than it looks! You have to string it a certain way through the flower in order for it not to fall off. Our teacher (the one in blue) was a sweet woman but was a drill sergeant when it comes to lei making. She had no qualms about taking off all your flowers off if you did it incorrectly.

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floral tank top, blue keds, black circle skirt, forever 21, love culture, ootd, outfit, fashion
Love Culture top | Forever 21 skirt | Keds

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