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Holiday Gift Guide for 2014

Sunday, December 14, 2014

gift guide 2014, christmas list, shopping, gift ideas

ChloĆ© fragrance Bare Minerals foundation / Cutting Fruit Set Wooden Play Food / Tazo Tea and Teapot Gift Sets / Pinwheel Plush Gloves / Smart Gear Auto Safety Tire Gauge / Pick Punch The Original Guitar Pick Punch / Ethical Pet Spot Sneak A Treat Shuffle Bone Pet Toy IQ Puzzle / The Art of Shaving The 4 Elements Of The Perfect Shave® Starter Kit -… 

When gifting, I always have a rule that the item purchased has to be either useful or something that relates to their hobbies/interests. Hope it helps!!!

1. ChloƩ mini travel gift set is one for the beauty lovers, girly girls and for travelers. Think it is such a classic scent for any lady of any age.

2. bareMinerals Collector's edition deluxe foundation is for those who have this as their holy grail foundation (aka like ME!). Been a user ever since I received a sample at Sephora and have gone through jars of these.

3. Melissa and Doug Cutting Fruit Set is a great educational product for little kids. So adorable!

4. Tazo Tea and teapot gift set is great for anyone since there are benefits in drinking tea and the design of the teapot is just so simple/nice.

5. Gloves are always useful and a easy gift to get if you are in a bind.

6. Have a car enthusiast? Give them a smart gear auto safety tire gauge. With this in hand, they can gauge their tires and make sure they are inflated. Comes with flashlight and other tools!

7. Musicians- guitar players? Guitar pick punch is quirky and thoughtful since when you lose a pick, you'd have to buy one but with this, anything could essentially become one! Customization at its' best.

8. Pet lovers would love this! It keeps the dog entertained while you are possibly cooking or just don't want to be bothered and gives them mental stimulation.

9. For the men in your lives with stubble. Gives them some pampered that they deserve too after what they do for us. It is only proper to do the same for them.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!!

Fly like an Angel

Monday, December 1, 2014

angel wings, asian fashion blogger, chinese fashion blogger, Forever 21 ankle strap flats, Zara skort, porcelain print top

3 items I always gravitate towards when shopping:
  • Blazers
  • Tops
  • Flats
Why? Because these are all functional pieces that can be rotated for work, school, and just about any other daily activity! I am all about clothing items that can be styled in a variety of ways since I work a 9-5 job and like to go out with friends or to events right after. Clothes have to be able to withstand my entire day but still look fashionable. I'm not the type to bring a change of clothes either. Too much work! 

angel wings, asian fashion blogger, chinese fashion blogger, Forever 21 ankle strap flats, Zara skort, porcelain print top, American Eagle denim blazer

Denim blazers like this one from American Eagle create more of a comfortable, casual feel vs. a structured black one, which is normally my go-to office outerwear. 

floral top, chiffon top, denim blazer, American Eagle, fashion, ootd, angel wings, asian fashion blogger, chinese fashion blogger, Forever 21 ankle strap flats, Zara skort, porcelain print top

Found this beautiful porcelain print top on sale in Urban Outfitters and just had to bring it into my collection. It just reminds me of the china that we have at home but wearable! My favorite type of tops are sleeveless and chiffon-like. They make for great office wear with some high-waisted trousers and also is great for when hanging out on a hot summer day or as a layering piece during the cooler months. See what I mean, multi-purpose fashion! 

asian fashion blogger, chinese fashion blogger, Forever 21 ankle strap flats, Zara skort, porcelain print top, outfit, fashion, style, lookbook, blogger

asian fashion blogger, chinese fashion blogger, Forever 21 ankle strap flats, Zara skort, porcelain print top, outfit, fashion, style, lookbook, blogger

Being that I'm 5'6", I feel like a giant when it comes to heels 3" and higher so flats are the way to go in my world. Love that these Forever 21 ones have gold hardware AND thick ankle straps with a pointed toe. Perfect pair of footwear for work and play that doesn't kill your feet.

asian fashion blogger, chinese fashion blogger, Forever 21 ankle strap flats, Zara skort, porcelain print top, outfit, fashion, style, lookbook, blogger, ootd, new york blogger, fashion blogger, style blogger, lifestyle blogger

American Eagle blazer (old) | Forever 21 flats (similiar)
Zara skort | Urban Outfitters top 

What are your 3 top items you gravitate towards when shopping?

Cherry Blossom Interview

Friday, May 23, 2014

Few years ago, I had gone to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden with my lil sister to see the Cherry Blossoms but they had all fallen then. Bummer! Wanted to go this year when they were in full peak and of course, the day my boyfriend and I go is the day Mother Nature decides to have sporadic rain showers. As soon as we get there, it started drizzling so we took cover in the Brooklyn Museum. Luckily, for us, the sun came back! 

pink zara blazer, outfit, black high waisted jeans, american apparel, fashion, asian blogger

Felt like matching the flowers and since I don't have too much pink, I decided to break out my new Zara blazer. It is SUCH a soft material and paired it up with my go-to high waisted jeans and a crop top try toning down the business-y look of it. Glenn still thought I looked like I was going for an interview. lol :/ Oh wells.

Kate Spade white crossbody, tan beige bag, handbag, purse, lincoln satchel little kennedy

Not a big fan of white anything as it gets dirty too quick but I loved this bag for the summer time feel. Great for carrying the big DSLR around and STILL look fashionable.

cherry blossoms brooklyn new york botanical garden flowers

asian blogger ny forever 21 stripes crop top flower style fashion

asian blogger, diningonstyle, Forever 21 striped crop top, cherry blossoms

Love this candid shot of me laughing/smiling. I never take myself too seriously. Life is too short for that!

diningonstyle, fashion blogger, asian blogger, zara blazer, kate spade handbag, american apparel jeans

zara blazer american apparel black pants topshop boots

pink zara blazer, forever 21 striped crop top, black high waisted american apparel jeans pants, kate spade satchel, topshop monti booties

Zara Blazer | Kate Spade Lincoln Square Fabric Little Kennedy bag (here)  
Forever 21 striped crop top | American Apparel jeans | TopShop booties (here)

Photos by Glenn

Dining on Style Travels: Chicago

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Behind in blog posts and I apologize to my followers! Life has caught up with me and I have been so busy at work that all I want to do when home is just vegetate/watch youtube videos.

Since the last post, a lot has happened so more posts to be posted! First up, Chicago!

Couple of months ago, went here with my boyfriend for one weekend and I must say, the architecture is far more superior than that of NY's. If you are in Chicago, take a boat tour. Lots of historic information and when the sun sets, it's just pure beauty. 

Warning: Architecturally picture heavy.

illinois, chicago, architecture

illinois, chicago, architecture, whirlpool

illinois, chicago, architecture

illinois, chicago, architecture

illinois, chicago, architecture

illinois, chicago, architecture

We ended our night eating deep dish pizza which is a MEH in my book (sorry, I prefer NY style!) then heading to the John Hancock tower for drinks. Awesome view of Millenium Mile and the Sears Tower by the window seats if you're lucky!

 Tip for travelers: Go to the Signature Lounge on the 96th floor to pass over the line to see the view and it's cheaper to just get a beer ($8) than pay full price  ($18) for the view! 

chicago night skyline, sears tower, willis tower, city

The next day, we spent some time at Millennium Park and saw the famous Cloud Gate, which is lovingly called The Bean by locals. Not as big as I thought but it is still a pretty neat piece of art smack dab in the park! 

illinois, chicago, architecture, millenium park, park, recreation

illinois, chicago, architecture, millennium park, recreation, parks, the bean, cloud gate

Love all the funky sculptures around the park via Jun Kaneko. I'm a big fan of making faces in photos and there you have it. Me in all my glory. 

forever21, bluedenim, floral, maroon shorts, ootd
American Eagle denim top | Forever 21 top, shorts and shoes

junkaneko, art, sculpture

junkaneko, art, sculpture

Definitely need to come back to Chicago again! So many other places that I missed going to! 

 Where is one place you would like to travel to and why?

Best Way to Make A Girl Happy

Sunday, February 9, 2014

It is through shopping! Luckily, my boyfriend, Glenn, loves shopping as well so we are always wandering around at the mall or in a shopping area like SoHo. We're a match made in heaven lol.

Kate Spade Wallet, pastel blues, spring; perfume, fashion blogger, Topshop
Kate Spade Cherry Lane Lacey in Cyblue (here) | Marc Jacobs Honey (here) | TopShop shorts 

I'm not sure of how many other girls use wallets for men but I'm one of them. They are just way smaller and less bulkier than a woman's wallet, at least in my opinion. But in my case, it is quite embarrassing. Why? Well...my man wallet is actually fatter than a man's wallet. Made a comparison with my boyfriend's wallet and boy, do I need to upgrade. I have a habit of saving receipts and leaving all these never used reward cards in my wallet so it won't even close now!! So finally decided on getting a Kate Spade one since they have been coming out with such cute stuff lately and I laid my eyes on the Cherry Lane Lacy wallet in Cyblue. It is the perfect Spring hue! Matches with the Topshop shorts that I also got on the same day on sale. Now, we just need a matching top for a monochromatic look! 

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